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If you're a parent with school aged children, you're well aware that starts on Friday, August 9th in St. Tammany Parish. If you don't have children returning to school, let this be a reminder! - Please by mindful of the school zones and bus stops and follow the directions of the crossing guards.

- Expect an increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic during drop off and pick up times at the schools.

- Keep in mind that school zones are hand free zones. Law enforcement has and will ticket you for being on a mobile device while in a school zone but more important than avoiding a ticket, put down the phone and keep our children safe.

- Follow the speed limit in schools zones and around bus stops and be prepared to stop should a student wander out into traffic.

- Stop when the flashing lights and stop signs are activated on a school bus and do not proceed until the flashing lights and stop signs are turned off and the bus proceeds.

- Do NOT attempt to pass a school bus in either lane of traffic if they are stopped with flashing lights and stop signs activated.

- If you’re not familiar with the rules and laws pertaining to school zones and bus stops, contact your local law enforcement agency and they can point you to the appropriate resources. To all of our students and great teachers, from all of us at St. Tammany Fire Protection District No. 11 have a happy and safe school year.

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