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The ordinance does NOT allow burning of household trash and garbage, nor does it permit burning of any sort of land clearing and/or construction sites.  No materials that create black smoke, such as; tires, rubber, asphalt, plastics and petroleum products may be used to accelerate the fire.

​It should also be understood by the property owner that even if the fire is not in violation of the parish code, it may still be a violations of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s “Air Quality Regulations.”  Compliance with the parish ordinances is no protection against being cited/fined by the D.E.Q.

Regulations are:

- The fire shall not be greater than 8 ft. in diameter.

- The height of burning material shall not be greater than 4 ft.

- Burning shall only occur between sunrise and one hour before sunset.

- The fire site shall be attended at all times.

- A functional water hose attached to an operating water supply shall be located next to the fire.

- The fire site shall be at least 10 ft. from the property line.

- There shall be no more than one fire site per home site or parcel of land

- The fire shall be located at least 50 ft. from any structure.  If closer than 50 ft., a container must be used.


The proceeding information is for information purposes only.  It is not a burn permit, nor does it give you permission to burn in violation of local or state regulations.  In times of drought or low rainfall the parish may choose to limit or outlaw burning.

For more information about the burn ordinance, contact St. Tammany Fire Protection District No. 11 at 985.863.3132 or email us at

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