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PEARL RIVER, LA – Shortly after 12 PM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, St. Tammany Fire Protection District No. 11 responded to the report of a residential structure fire in the 39000 Block of Hwy 41 Spur. A concerned neighbor noticed the smell of smoke and noticed smoke coming out of attic vents and called 9-1-1. Apparatus and personnel arrived on scene within 3 minutes of the initial call and reported smoke inside of the residence.

Personnel made entry into the residence and located a small amount of fire in a bedroom which was quickly extinguished. The situation was placed under control in approximately 15 minutes from the time units first arrived on scene.

The family, fortunately, was not at home at the time of the fire. Three turtles and 1 cat, unfortunately, did not survive, however, a ferret, 2 dogs and rabbit were taken out of the residence and are said to be in good condition.

In this situation, the fire and majority of the smoke damage were isolated to the bedroom where the fire originated. The bedroom door was kept shut which likely limited the spread of fire to the remainder of the residence. The remainder of the residence had the smell of smoke and minor smoke damage.

The cause of the fire at this time is still being determined.

The American Red Cross was contacted to see what benefits they may be able to offer the homeowner.

Aside from the conditions of the pets, no one, including fire department personnel were injured.

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