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Over the course of two days (October 14-15) we visited the students at Little Pearl Elementary School in Pearl River. We talked about how dangerous fire is and what the young students should do when the smoke alarm sounds or if their clothes catch on fire. The students got to meet a firefighter and we talked about the gear that a firefighter wears and how firefighters are our friends.

Students then participated in the smoke trailer. Once inside, students got to witness "pretend" smoke and what the smoke alarms sound like. Then after feeling the door to see if it is hot, we had the students get really low and and crawl out of the home to a meeting spot.

We weren't done yet! The students got to tour the fire engine and learn the about the different equipment that we use. These events are not only fun for our personnel and participants, fire prevention and public education is the MOST important thing that we do in the fire service. Sharing this valuable information that could save these young lives is extremely important.

In total we spoke to 122 students and 8 teachers.

Above: Pictured is the first group of students that we had on October 14, 2014. They were engaged in watching a movie called "Sparky Says" which is cartoon bundled with great information. The video was produced by the National Fire Protection Association and is on point for what the students in elementary school need to know.

Above: Firefighter Aaron Davis shaking the hands of the students to show that firefighters are not scary and that they are just people in a "costume" or gear designed to keep them safe when fighting fires.

Above: Students exiting the fire safety smoke trailer; crawling low below the smoke and exiting the the home.

Check out the "Sparky Says" video and please share with the kids!!!

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