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National Fire Protection Association

Home fires that began with decorations caused an average of eight civilian deaths, 54 civilian injuries, and $19.1 million in direct property damage per year. Overall, decorations were first ignited in 0.3% of reported home structure fires, 0​.1% of home fire deaths, 0.4% of home fire injuries, and 0.4% of direct property damage from home fires. ​

On average, 1,170 home structure fires began with decorations each year. During the five-year period of 2004-2008, decorations were the items first ignited in an estimated average of 1,170 reported home structure fires per year. Homes include one- and two-family homes, apartments, row houses, townhouses, and manufactured housing. Decorations are not further defined. Christmas trees are captured in a separate category and not included here.1



​​​​​​​​More information is available through the National Fire Protection Association at​​​​​​

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