With summer just starting to kick off, we are in for plenty of extremely hot days. Here is some great info. Whether it's heat exhaustion or a heat stroke, both can be very serious. Recognize the signs, dial 9-1-1 or get medical treatment immediately. Heat related emergencies could become life threatening quick, especially for children, the elderly and/or anyone who has a medical condition or illness. Often, how well you are hydrated or not can be determined by the color of your urine. Medical conditions, medications, diet and a few other things can effect the color but for an otherwise healthy person, the color chart can help to determine if you are hydrated or dehydrated. If you have been exposed to the heat and not drinking plenty of water and you have dark urine that's a sign it is time to take a break, get hydrated and possibly seek medical attention if other symptoms arise. Stay hydrated, stay cool and take frequent breaks if you must be exposed to the heat.

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