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Rest easy Captain Liberto. Thank you for your lifetime of service and sacrifices for your fellow man.    STATEMENT FROM THE MANDEVILLE PD. On behalf of Chief Gerald Sticker of the Mandeville Police Department:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mandeville Police Captain, Vincent “Vinny” Liberto Jr.

Captain Liberto was a highly decorated and respected law enforcement officer, who was known across the entire country. Captain Liberto graduated from Brother Martin High School in 1979, and after graduation joined the United States Marine Corps. Captain Liberto was honorably discharged as a sergeant, after serving his country for over 10 years. Captain Liberto joined the Mandeville Police Department in January of 1994. He climbed through the ranks and earned multiple prestigious awards during his years of service, including Officer of the Year. Captain Liberto was a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, and was also a polygraphist.

Captain Liberto leaves behind a loving wife and seven children. Several of his children are active law enforcement officers and military. Captain Liberto was 58 years old.

As mentioned earlier, any information in relation to the actual incident, resulting in Captain Liberto’s death, will be disseminated by the Louisiana State Police. There will be more information released about Captain Liberto, the man he was, and his services, at some point next week.

Thank you all for your respect, sympathy, and understanding during today’s incident. It will be a rough couple of weeks for the entire law enforcement community in the New Orleans Metro Area, especially the Mandeville Police Department.

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