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Check out this brief video & demonstration on the dangers of not properly caring for a live Christmas tree. Video includes important safety information to help keep you & yours safe this holiday season.

Some important information to remember:

- Find a green & healthy Christmas tree. - Ensure that the needles are not already falling off. - Ensure that the tree has a clean cut at the bottom. - Keep Christmas tree away from any heat source. - Make sure that the tree is watered every day. - Check for frayed wiring & broken or missing bulbs. - Never exceed 3 strands of lights on your tree. - Unplug lights before you leave your home or go to bed. - Have working smoke detectors in your home. - Have access to & know how to use a fire extinguisher. - If you prefer artificial trees, ensure that it is fire retardant.

Have a safe & Merry Christmas!

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