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Over the course of the last week we spent some time in Twin Oaks telling our citizens about the free smoke alarm program and placing door hangers for those folks who weren't home. We are very happy about the few homes that welcomed us in to install smoke alarms or just to make sure they are working and the proper amount were installed in the correct locations. What we were even more pleasantly surprised to learn is how seriously the mobile home park owner and operators take the safety of their tenants into consideration.

We learned that several times a year the homes are visited for a routine checkup for housekeeping issues, changing out air conditioning filters and changing out the batteries of smoke alarms. If the smoke alarms need to be replaced, they do that as well. The few installs we did were likely the homes that the park doesn't own but rents out the spot where the home is placed.

This is fantastic and their tenants should certainly sleep well at night knowing that if they are unfortunate to experience a fire, they will be notified early and have time to escape.

Congrats Twin Oaks Mobile Manor for making your little community a safe place to live.

If you or someone you know is in need of smoke alarms, do not hesitate to call. We show up, install them and 10 minutes later you and your family are much more safer. Call us at 985.863.3132.

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