We are no strangers to it but just as a reminder, when the river is high and on the rise, some roads may become impassible. Under the overpasses such as Exit 5A (Pump Slough Rd) and 5B are close to if not already impassible by most passenger vehicles. It may be an inconvenience to go another way but certainly not worth damaging your vehicle or endangering your and your passengers’ lives.

Also, as a reminder, along I-59, areas that are normally dry such as the wood lines and the median are filled with high water. If your vehicle leaves the roadway, areas that would normally be dry could pose a major life safety risk. Always use extreme caution when traveling the roads and our interstates. Especially with the high water that would make an already bad situation worse if your vehicle were to leave the interstate and go into high water.

Please drive safely and use extreme caution.


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