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Over the last several weeks, Washington Parish as well as Franklinton Fire Rescue have been fighting large woods fires. Record heat added into the mix has not helped. When we came across a post from the Chief of Franklinton Fire Rescue asking for help with water and sports drinks, we knew we needed to step up. We were able to secure a donation of water from our friends at Jubilee Foods and donations for sports drinks from our own firefighters.

When our communities ask for help, we respond, so when other fire departments need help, we want to take care of that need as well. Today we made the trip with several other St. Tammany fire districts to Franklinton Fire Rescue and delivered hundreds of cases of water and sports drinks. From there, other fire districts in Washington Parish can go get what they may need.

To our friends at Franklinton Fire & Rescue and all of the departments in Washington Parish, please stay safe and know we have your back.

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