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A little late but Hurricane Isaac and the Pearl River Flood situation delayed this posting: On August, 25, 2012, the Firefighter 1 & 2 Class of 2012 graduated. The students in this class elected to go three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) to complete the class in three months. Students were put through several hours of lectures a night as well as several hours of physical hands on training. To complete the class, students had to maintain a 70 average. In the last week of class, students had to complete a live fire training evolution that included rescue and fire extinguishing tactics. They also had to pass a final examination with a 70 or higher and pass 100% of of the required LSU practicals. We are extremely proud of the students who were able to make it through the class. Several of our students have already been hired by other fire protection districts within St. Tammany Parish, one of our students chose to come in to Louisiana from Mississippi to continue his training and the others are paid and paid on call personnel for fire protection district no. 11 We wish them the best of luck in their future careers in the fire service. CONGRATULATIONS! Alex Edwards - STFPD 11 Tim Grisaffi - STFPD 11 Numa Jones - STFPD 11 Brandon LaFontaine - Bayside Fire & Rescue - MS Vhaly Murry - STFPD 11 Mack Newman - STFPD 11 Brandon Sauter - STFPD 1 & STFPD 3 Dustin Sites - STFPD 3

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